Kyle and I became friends a few years ago through penpal letters, we’d send our early CD-Rs and handmade zines and talk about our hometowns. So when I heard that Kyle Hall was putting out a full length on Plan-It-X Records, I was ecstatic to say the least. I was able to get an early copy and just like every time I hear a new release from Kyle, I felt like once again, he has raised the bar. He just keeps getting better and better.

You can hear it in his voice that he is older now, eighteen in fact. You can hear in his voice that he has experienced great love, and lost it too.

This time round he has approached the guitar in a new fresher¬†way compared to older releases, with great vocals harmonies that you hear only once in a while from a band. Kyle’s done and dusted with the G/C/D chord songs, or for now anyway.

There’s some immediate fan favourites here: “Why Bother" is about two people who persistently try to stay friends, through all the hardship that includes. It’s pretty honest. Kinda of brutally honest. It moves me. "Bird Heading South" is a great summer-time song, perfect for that mix cd you’re making for that road trip you’re going on this summer and "Record Collection" which is about Kyle’s relationship with his father, through vinyl. Touching and instantly catchy.

This is a great record to listen to if you are moving away for the first time, to start school in a new town,¬†or if you are still healing from a recently broken heart. It’s about growing up and being unsure of what that means. It smells of adolescence and summer memories from when you were younger.

Track 5, “Slipping Away" reassures you that these are songs written by your best friend when you were sixteen, that friend who was with you every step of the way. Stick this on the roadtrip mix cd too.

My only wish on this record is that the songs were longer. Sure, you’re getting almost thirty minutes of sadly sweet music. But, some of the songs sound like they are cut short a little. I’d love to hear the rest of where some of these stories go. Guess i’ll have to wait till Kyle’s next release.

It’s clear in Kyle’s songs that he is a gentle, sweet and sensitive kid. And this album sounds like it’s in the memory of an old flame or possibly a new love. It’s the kind of songs you wish you could write for your summer crush.

I first heard Kyle’s music a few years ago when I heard his song “Movies” (good luck finding it, since then he’s put out endless releases which are now all out of print) and since then i’ve been able to get all my friends to fall in love with him too and i’m going to end this on something a friend said to me today:

"I would kill to have Kyle Hall as a friend"


- Andrew Lips 24/05/13

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